2010 February Exhibition

Special Benefit/Silent Auction
"Art & Music, a night to rememberh
March 3(Wen) - March 19 (Fri)

Art & Music Collaboration Event
March 19 (Fri)5 - 7:30pm
(Admission Fee: $10)

Gallery Hours : Tue. to Fri.12-6PM / Sat.12-5PM
Closed Sun. & Mon.

NYCoo Gallery embraces the spring season with something new; an art and music collaboration, ga night to remember!h This special even will be held on 3/19, the day before spring equinox, with a special musician guest to commence the spring season.

In conjunction with various artists and artworks from the galleryfs own collection, the NYCoo gallery is hosting a silent auction (event runs through 3/3-3/19) presenting a distinctive collection of artworks from all different genres. To participate, there will be a $10 admission fee, please contact us by telephone or email to purchase your ticket which can be used to supplement onefs bid. The winning bids will be announced at the closing reception on March 19 at 7 pm.
Through the generosity of the artists involved, several unique and highly collectable items will be sold at absolute auction. The rest of the artwork in this unique auction will be marked with a reserve price, and the winner will be the highest bid that also meets the reserve.

Francesca Decker is a talented and diverse singer, who is also a third-year medical student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Francesca finds inner strength and balance through her art, as she works and learns in this most challenging field. Francesca deeply appreciates the effects of art and music on patients and family. Enjoy her engaging use of melody, together with her soothing voice, as we share this evening of music and art.

* Exhibition and artwork available for preview and bidding from March 3 through March 19
* March 19: Evening of Art and Music Collaboration (the ticket holder only)

5pm: Welcome to NYCoo with food and wine
630-7pm: Musical interludes
710pm: Bidding closes
715pm: announcement of winners
730pm: closing

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Kings County Hospital Center, where Francesca currently studies. With 627 beds, well over a half-million clinic visits and over 125,000 ER visits a year, this 175-year old hospital is a mainstay of health care delivery in the heart of Brooklyn. Contributions to the hospital will be managed by the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, at 160 Water St Suite 1129 New York, NY 10038.
The silent auction offers a perfect opportunity to bid on some excellent artworks including but not limited to paintings, paints, potteries, Japanese antiques and art crafts, as well as contributing for a good cause.

Please join us and celebrate the new season with the NYCoo Gallery, and please be sure to check your email for updates on this exciting event.


NY Coo Gallery

Anne Richter, Dan Greenfeld, Hana Asami, Hideyoshi Ido, Hitoshi Nakazato, Kazumi Nakane, Keico Watanabe
Kotatsu Iwata, Masayoshi Ito, Meisui Hatano, Ponta, Ryo Iida,Shigeru Saito, Tatsuo Sagane, Tomoko Fujiki,
Toshiko Tochihara, Yuko, Toru Mimura, Jun Nakanishi


Nobuko Miyazaki