2011 March Exhibition


Sakurako Suzuki
"Brilliant Universe"

March 9 (Wed) -March 26 (Sat), 2011
Reception : March 10 (Thu) 5PM - 7:30PM


Gallery Hours : Tue. to Fri.12-6PM / Sat.12-5PM
Closed Sun. & Mon.

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Sakurako was born in 1943 in Aichi-prefecture.  When she was two years old, the Second World War ended and the post-war era started. The Japanese economy was poor then, but it was a time for rapid changes, full of anxiety and expectation.  There was a lot of difficulty in her life, but the generosity of her grandfather, who was good at drawing, and her memory of being praised at art class when she was a student, were a big support.
Sakurako raised three children, with every day is serious battle for survival. When she became 35 years old, she started to learn painting by herself. She was accepted at the fifth CYUNICHI art exhibition and exhibited at the Modern Japanese Art Exhibition, Japan International Art Exhibition, and other shows, and has had over fifty solo exhibitions.
 All existence in this world is filled with mystery.  Sakurako expresses admiration and respect for the cosmic space and feels herself as an existence of a painter in the universe. When she confronts a white canvas, she excitedly waits for a message from God and draws with respect, being thankful. Each art piece by Sakurako contains mystery.
 In the spring of 2011, Sakurakofs first New York solo show will take place at NY Coo Gallery. Please come to see this brilliant exhibition.

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Art Works' Photo Album
hMusic from Japanh
Shakuhachi @(bamboo Flute) @Kenji Inagaki
Samisen@ (three stringed Japanese guitar) @Tomoharu Kimura
Shigin@( recitation of Chinese poem)@Tamotsu Sugiura

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