NY Coo Gallery Open Studio


Keico Watanabe

Kotatsu Iwata

by appointment only


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Open Studio

********* Keico Watanabe *********

Children draw with a care-free joy, a feeling which we tend to forget as adults.  We invite you to remember it again through Keico Watanabe's paintings.
 Come to enjoy the art, or to talk about the New York art scene with Keico.  
Her latest pieces will be shown while they are still being created, so please stop by often!


********* Kotatsu Iwata *********

Kotatsu Iwata will open his studio to the public.
Please come visit Kotatsu at the NY Coo Gallery during this rare opportunity to observe his work in progress!

The Gallery will also offer two new and exciting programs - The Art Leasing Program and the Gallery Rental Program.
The Art Leasing Program will offer a more flexible option for our members to bring home the art they love.
The Gallery Rental Program will provide the gallery space to be rented for events such as receptions and seminars, offering
a tranquil and unique environment in the heart of Manhattan.