2009 November Exhibition

Cre8 - vol.6

Seitaro Kuroda, Keisuke Nagatomo, Rogan Hazard & Cre8

Novemver 4 - November 21
Reception Novemver 6, 5-7:30PM

Gallery Hours : Tue. to Fri.12-6PM / Sat.12-5PM
Closed Sun. & Mon.

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NY Coo proudly presents gJAPANESE ILLUSTRATORS IN NY Cre8-vol.6h. This is the sixth installment of group exhibitions presented by Cre8 (pronounced gcreateh), the Japanese artist management agency established in 1972. The company, which represents 400 illustrators, acts as a bridge that spans artists and businesses.
In Japan as in New York, the economy and the government are evolving quickly, and illustrators are also facing rapidly changing economic activity; they are expressing those changes into their artworks, gJapan NOWh. These illustrators express contemporaneousness in a way that is direct and cutting edge, and they do so richly and exquisitely through their artworks.

This exhibition presents new works from an exciting group of young to middle age illustrators, both innovators and mentors, including Seitaro Kuroda and Keisuke Nagatomo, widely known as K2, whose style helped define innovation and significantly influence the Design and Advertisement industries since the 1960fs. K2 is participating specifically to help support future young illustrators. Rogan Hazard, who has taught art in US and Japan and works as an illustrator in both countries, also provides important contributions to this exhibition.

10 Featured Artists in This Yearfs Cre8 Exhibition
1. Mayumin |Her works are based on the back ground of harmonious inner face of womenfs life style.
2. Asako Iwanaga- Her works are based on happiness and love of people, canft stop painting all those faces.
3. Miho Akiyama - Warmth of paper with free use of color, creating solid humorous new reality.
4. Yutaka Nakagaki- Focusing on joy and happiness in his works through detailed hand drawn marker paintings.
5. Kiyomi Suzuki- Expressing color of affinity defines her artwork.
6. Pon-ta - His digitally printed anime-like characters on rice paper, expresses the influences of anime and manga cultures in todayfs Japanese art.
7. Hana Asami | Her works are based on everyday life existence, fluent yet a bit spicy.
8. Rogan Hazard | His illustrations have appeared in many magazines, Asahi Shimbun (Japanfs
most prominent newspaper), calendars and advertising campaigns.
9 and 10. K2 (Seitaro Kuroda and Keisuke Nagatomo) Innovative artists whose work has helped shape the Japanese advertising and design industry for decades.

We hope you will join us to share this vivid expression of contemporary society.




********** NY Coo Gallery News Letter - November **********

The opening reception for the sixth gK2 & Cre8 Japanese Illustrators in NYh
exhibition series sponsored by Cre 8 was held on November 6th.

10 featured artists in this yearfs Cre8 Exhibition, including Seitaro Kuroda and Keisuke Nagamoto, has
helped shape the Japanese advertising and design industry for decades. Please come and enjoy the
innovative artworks and unique mix of style and originality. The exhibition runs through November 21st.

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