2011 October Exhibition

Kazumi Nakane Exhibition

Sara Sill Exhibition

ISE Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibition 2011
"Exhibition by Award-Winning Artists "

October 5 (Wed)-October 22 (Sat), 2011
Reception: October 6 (Thu), 5PM - 7:30PM

Gallery Hours : Tue. to Fri.12-6PM / Sat.12-5PM Closed Sun. & Mon.

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NY Coo Gallery will have three exhibitions in October: Sara Sill and Kazumi Nakane, who are talented women awarded by the NY Coo Gallery competition, and students selected for exhibition by the ISE Cultural Foundation.


Kazumi Nakane:
Kazumi Nakane studied product design at Women's Art University in Japan. She has established an international reputation with exhibitions in many countries, including Japan, Korean, Spain, German, and Serbia. Her unique world view has earned her the grand prize of the Japan Modern NaiNve Art Society; her playful works tickle the mind and lead you to happiness. When she loves someone, leaves someone, feels nostalgic for someone, or finds hope, each time a flower blooms in her mind. To form the flower carefully is painting for her, and paintings express much of her joy of life. Please feel this energy of life from each painting.


Sara Sill:
Sara studied architecture at Princeton and has worked as a Wall Street lawyer and for a non-profit music organization. She was chosen as the 2010 Nadine Blacklock Fellow for excellence in nature photography, with a residency at the Blacklock Nature Sanctuary in Minnesota. She has twice been a finalist in New York's MTA Arts for Transit Program and is currently featured in Artbridge Chelsea, a public installation on West 23rd Street in Manhattan. She has also exhibited in Italy and Colombia. Sarafs art work has utilized collage and incorporates new techniques and technology to excellent effect. It is designed with a fine balance of creativity, composition, and expression, and it brings to mind the rhythms of music.
ISE Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibition 2011: "Exhibition by Award-Winning Artists "
With generous support from NY Coo Gallery, the award winners of ISE Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibition 2011
receive another opportunity to show their artworks. This time the venue is NY Coo Gallery.
Tomoyo Akaishi
Julie Janicek
Ezra Thompson
Masanobu Yokoyama
Toru Ishii
Kurumi Totsuka
Haruka Suzuki
Haydee Naula


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