2011 December Exhibition

The NY Coo Collection vol.0


Keico Watanabe and Kotatsu Iwata Exhibition


December 7 (Wed)-December 29 (Thu), 2011
Reception: December 9 (Fri), 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Gallery Hours : Tue. & Thu. to Sat. 12-7:30PM / Wed. 3-7:30PM
Closed Sun. & Mon.

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We are very excited to announce that NY Coo will be reinventing itself as a new kind of art gallery staring in 2012, and hope that you would join us for a sneak preview of the new NY Coo.

NY Coo has exclusively retained two successful New York artists - Keico Watanabe and Kotatsu. Their rich and exquisite pieces will be the heart and soul of the new NY Coo, and together with these talented artists, the Gallery looks forward to continuing its growth in the New York art scene.

The Gallery will also offer two new and exciting programs - The Art Leasing Program and the Gallery Rental Program. The Art Leasing Program will offer a more flexible option for our members to bring home the art they love. The Gallery Rental Program will provide the gallery space to be rented for events such as receptions and seminars, offering a tranquil and unique environment in the heart of Manhattan.


Keico Watanabe There is a story behind each window of the skyscrapers in Manhattan, and above them shine the stars full of hopes and dreams, just within reach of our outstretched hands. Such inspirations brought Keico Watanabe to her first New York solo exhibition in 1998, titled gBetween Stars and Manh.

With vibrant colors and unique forms she brings a smile to our faces and melts our stress away, reminding us of playful childhood memories.

We invite you to leave your dreams and worry to the stars, and take a moment to relax with Watanabefs creations.

Watanabe graduated from Tama Art University, Tokyo (B.F.A. in Oil Painting and Printing), and joined Nippon Design Center, Ltd. (Illustration Dept.). She has been active in the New York art scene since 1999.


Kotatsu Iwata Once captured on Kotatsufs canvas, ordinary everyday things assert their existence as new gobjectsh and resonate within us. The images, which look simple at first glance, are painstakingly created with layers of color and distinctly expressive lines.

Though Kotatsu Iwata devoted himself to music after high school, he acquired a taste for design while creating flyers for performances. This compelled him to complete design school, after which he worked as a designer for 2 years in Osaka and 5 years in Tokyo. During this time he encountered Pop Art, and began painting. In 2004 he moved to New York to concentrate on his art.

Iwatafs creations fuse elements of graphic design with multiple structural layers and a bold color palette, resulting in rich painterly effects.

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