February Exhibition 2014

Kenichi Nakajima Exhibition uFROM FEET TO ARTv
Japanese Contemporary Artists #5

February 6th - February 19th 2013
Reception: Thursday, February 6th 5:00 | 7:30 pm

Open Tuesday to Friday 12:30 – 6:30 pm
Saturday 1:00 – 5:00 pm


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In February, NY Coo Gallery will hold an exhibition "FROM FEET TO ART" by Kenichi Nakajima and a group exhibition of Japanese artists curated by Fugetsusha Gallery.

Kenichi Nakajima
Legs and feet are intimately connected with the core of the body, heart, health, existence. When you are full of vigor, you stand in a commanding posture. When you are sick, you stumble along the road. Depending on the status of your inner core, your posture and gait are deeply affected. Thus, making the feet into a motif drew my interest. With the goal of expressing the core of one's being, I am making these series regarding feet. Expression is to embody the feeling of reality as it is experienced in the core of one's being. And so, feet will not have only five toes, but sometimes, will have ten toes, be gargantuan, hold bizarre forms.

Japanese Contemporary Artists #5
In this exhibition, most of the works by the 16 artists are oil paintings there are also watercolors, calligraphy, Japanese-style painting, mixed media, oil painting and mineral pigments.
Please visit this exhibition to see and feel the passion of these artists.

Artist Names: Kazuhide Kobayashi, Sachiyo Yokoi, Hoen Ogura, Ruriko Shiwa, Seikou Ohta, Keiko Ashikaga, Sawako Kido, Yasuko Sunouchi, Keiko Takanashi, Yaichi Watanabe, Eisyun Yokoyama, Toshie Etori, Mieko Obikane, Hisakazu Terai, Shinzan Ito, Genji Suzuki



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